7 Feb



    This post is about school assholes. I don’t care about creative fucking learning. All I want to do is come to your stupid suck ass class and learn the stupid fucking facts. If you assign us a project don’t ask for it to be creative you assholes! If you get tired of seeing the same damn thing TOO BAD!! YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS WHEN YOU GOT A FUCKING TEACHING DEGREE! If you don’t like it either GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE AND GO TO A DIFFERENT SCHOOL! OR SHUT UP AND GETA NEW PROJECT! I’m done being creative just to please you pathetic ass, lonely, pussy people.  Shut the fuck up you pussy eating, cock taking, animal fucking ass wipes! GOD I CAN’T STAND YOU GUYS!


19 Jan

I would like to say that I am tired of all them bitches. All they do is bitch and complain about how life sucks. Well you know what? Why don’t you shut up and suck my dick BIOCH!! I dot care if so and so did something that fucked up your shit yesterday during “fuck ourselves” time. Honestly I could care less what you do in your worthless lives you pathetic being that is only good for her TITTIES AND VAGINA. Unless you are having some form of sexual relations with me I could give less than a flying shit faced piece of fuck. And don’t act all hurt when you guys are the exact same. You only give a fuck about us if we’re either listening to your pathetic ass stories about your bad day that sucked ass! WHY WOULD WE WANT TO LISTEN TO THOSE! ALL THEY DO IS BORE US AND ANNOY THE FUCK OUT OF US. THINK ABOUT IT NEXT TIME THAT YOU COMPLAIN OR BITCH! Stop being so over dramatic and just SHUT UP! If you think I’m being ridiculous and mean GO FUCK YOURSELF! BITCHES NEED TO STOP BITCHING AND JUST HOP ON MY DICK! ALL I WANT FROM YOU IS SEX! Why don’t you understand that? I’m tired of jerking off and I want real sex for once! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE THOUGH PROCESS OF MAN NOW YOU DICK SUCKING PIECE OF SHIT? Some girls need to shut up and realize what I want.
Thats another thing when’s the last time a woman made me a sammich without me either having to thank them or pay them. I want two things in life SEX AND SAMMICHES. AND MAYBE A VAGINA SAMMICH EVERY NOW AND NOW.


18 Jan

Welcome back I’d like to say that all those white trash ASSHOLES need to shut the FUCK UP about that NASCAR shit. No one cares what FUCKING lap your on! ” oowhee there’s Billy Jowel the MOTHERFUCKIN THIRD. He just passed the white line of after drunk throw up, time for another shot of whiskey you hillbilly rednecks!”. NO ONE LIKES YOU! All you do is bitch and complain about them government and them taxes. BUT THE IRONIC FUCKING PART IS YOU DON’T EVEN PAY THE TAXES! SO SHUT THE FUCK UP! Just go back into your hick ass farms get drunk and rape the horses that you find appealing. SO TO ALL THOSE WHITE TRASH ASS FUCKS! LEAVE US NORMAL PEOPLE ALONE AND FUCK OFF! I HOPE YOU ALL DIE WHEN THEY PASS THE FINISH LINE, WHICH YOU GUYS THINK IS THE END OF LIFE! “the race is over what do we do now?” GO DIE SO A NEW FUCKING ROUND OF YOU ASSHOLES CAN COME AND TAKE YOUR PLACE! So in final words FUCK YOU SHITFACED ASSHOLES GO SUCK A HORSE DICK YOU RETARDED DRUNK HILLBILLIES! 👿👿👿👿👿👿

First Off

12 Jan

Hello and welcome to my blog if your reading this I either told you or your a cheeky little bastard and found out about it. For future reference I won’t use correct grammar and I don’t care if it annoys you. I’ll type whatever the hell I want to type! And If I get reported I’ll find out who did it and CRASH YOUR FUCKIN SITE BITCH!!! This isn’t a helpful blog to help you all through you’re pathetic lonely ass days. This is a blog where I rant and complain about every fucking day in my life.
Today I got out of school early and got sent home to have fun. OR SO I THOUGHT! Apparently to patents a fucking half day means “let’s get our kids to study their ass off and ruin their little life’s that have no fucking potential WITHOUT US!”. Well I got news for you fuckers, a half day means I have a half a day of school! So I have half a day to hang with my friends, BITCHES DON’T FUCKING MESS WITH ME IM SERIOUS! I don’t want to spend the rest of my already shitty day with my face shove up a books ass! I wanna hang out laugh and spend your hard earned cash. No some might say “that awful how can you do such a thing” and I have two answers. ONE, BECAUSE I FUCKING CAN YOU PRICK!! And TWO, BECAUSE I WANT TO, BECAUSE IM FULL OF RANGING MOTHERFUCKING HORMONES!!! DON’T FUCK WITH ME YOU POMPUS ASSES BECAUSE I’LL DO WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT TO!! If you’ve got a problem with it you can kiss my fine little white ass!!

Hello world!

12 Jan

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